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I and my family, are excited to join the Asmara International Community School for it's 20th Anniversary. Our school's focus is on international-mindedness, building community and the pursuit of excellence. Our Early Childhood Classroom students start the ball rolling by studying international-mindedness from the age of 3 in our Early Childhood with the International Primary Curriculum. This continues through to Grades 7and Grade 8 where our students study the International Middle Years Curriculum. We continue the same approach through Grades 9-12.

Everyone in the school is focused on creating a learning community. Our students have been busy focusing on building the school community. Our PTO is very active ,as are our Room Parents, and we have great activities planned and a great partnership to move the school towards continuos improvement. Our Secondary School Student Representative Council works hard to provide a social activity each week. Our teachers are kind, positive and supportive and are all interested in making this the best small school in Africa.

Our pursuit of excellence starts with the inquiry-based International Primary Curriculum in the Elementary and is supported by strong Mathematics and Literacy programs. In Secondary, students follow a rigorous academic program of English, French, Social Studies, Math and Science. All students take weekly classes in Music, Art, Physical Education, and Information Technology. In the elementary students either start French language instruction in Grade 1 or get English as a Second Language support. In addition to a great academic program we run a full After-School-Activities program starting from the Pre-Kindergarten.

This is a wonderful school with students representing 20+ nations and a faculty from Eritrea, Russia, Canada, Liberia, the US, Australia and Spain. My own children have attended some of the best international schools in 9 different countries. They love it here! Every morning I am greeted by the smiles and laughter of students, parents and staff as they walk through the front gates. The Asmara International community School is a special place.


Colin Webster
Asmara International Community School
Asmara, Eritrea

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