Asmara International Community School

Secondary school

In 7th and 8th Grade students study the next step up from the IPC, the International Middle Years Curriculum. While the IPC is organized around themes the IMYC is organized around ideas.  This inquiry-based approach into grand human ideas helps frame how we approach knowledge in Grade 7 and Grade 8.

Grades 9-12 follow a regular American High School Diploma Program. They focus on Science, French, English, Math and Social Studies while also taking classes in Information Technology, Music, Art and Physical Education. In addition to taking the International Schools Assessment students in 9th-11th Grade also sit the PSAT's and 12th Grade the SAT's.

The Secondary School also has a pastoral care program. Every morning they meet with their Grade-Level Tutor and then have a more intensive block set aside for issues once a week

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