Asmara International Community School

Primary school

Our Early Childhood Classroom combines 3, 4 and 5 year-olds.  In addition to starting Numeracy and Literacy they study the Early Childhood edition of the International Primary curriculum.  They receive weekly lessons in Physical Education, Information Technology, Music and the Visual Arts.  Starting in Grade 1 students are in single grade classrooms.   In Grade 1 students start to study French. Students who need extra support in English receive English support instead of French.

All elementary students follow the International Primary Curriculum. It is an inquiry-based curriculum that combines all subjects (except Mathematics).  The International Primary Curriculum is taught in 82 countries. In Mathematics students follow the Common Core standards-based math program, Everyday Math. In addition to an emphasis on reading and writing students follow the Common Core standards-based Journeys through Literature for literacy.

Students are measured against students from around the world on the International Schools Assessment.

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